Our Membership

Executive Director: Katie Rose
President: Jennifer Santiago (Community Pathways Inc.)
Vice-President: Sarah Noack (UCP Connections)
Treasurer/Secretary: Laura Noppenberger (Eastern Oregon Support Services Brokerage)

Adam Ayers (Resource Connections of Oregon)
Anne Crites (Resource Connections of Oregon – Mid-Valley)
April Theberge (Resource Connections of Oregon – South Valley)
Barbara Hedrick (Creative Supports Inc.)
Dan Peccia (Self Determination Resources Inc.)
Heather Hopkins-Slechta (Full Access High Desert)
Larry Deal (Independence Northwest)
Rachel Harmon (Inclusion Inc.)
Robin Mouser (Connections Case Management)
Sandy Leifeste (Full Access)
Sasha Vidales (UCP Mentors)
Stephanie Stoker (Integrated Services Network)
Tara Coen (UCP Connections)