Meet Our Leaders

OSSA Executive Director: Katie Rose

A lifelong Oregonian, Katie Rose began working in the disability services field in 2002 as a Direct Support Professional for UCP Oregon. In 2004, Katie was hired as a Personal Agent with the now-closed Mentor Oregon Brokerage in the Portland Metro area. She served in positions of increasing responsibility, eventually serving as Brokerage Director from 2008 through 2014. From that position, Katie was hired in February 2015 to remake the OSSA Executive Director role into a full-time position, responsible for the successful leadership of the Association according to its philosophy, mission, goals, and objectives. Katie has the honor of representing the association on work-groups, committees, and other bodies to assure the goals and values of the Brokerage system are reflected. She guides our strategic planning work, develops legislative materials, creates enrichment and learning opportunities for the OSSA Board and statewide Brokerage staff, and works alongside self-advocates and community partners to continually improve the opportunities and supports available to people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

“I love this community, I love this work. Communities are strongest when every person is able to truly belong, and I am honored every day to be a part of increasing the learning within our communities and removing barriers that keep people with IDD from that full engagement. I’m proud of Oregon Brokerages, and the people who make them great.”


OSSA President: Jennifer Santiago (Community Pathways Inc.)

In August 2019, the Oregon Support Services Association elected Jennifer Santiago as our President. Jennifer has been bringing her thoughtful contributions based on lived experience, shrewd insight, and tireless dedication to her work with Brokerages for years. We are lucky to have Jennifer, her experience, and her deep insight on the OSSA leadership team.

“I started working in the Brokerage system in 2006 as a PA and then Lead PA at Inclusion. I found my work as a PA to be rewarding and challenging. Challenging in trying to do everything ‘right’ while also ensuring that I was responsive and attentive to my customers’ needs. Rewarding in the sense of watching people grow and do things they never thought possible. In May of 2008 I was hired to build the Brokerage that ultimately became Community Pathways. We had no computers, phones, office equipment, supplies or staff. We were expecting 17-20 new enrollments per month beginning July first. Starting this Brokerage taught me a new kind of challenge and has presented new rewards. It has taught me what is possible, and what hard work and determination can accomplish. It has also taught me what teamwork means. There is no way I did any of this on my own. I’ve had amazing help along the way.”


OSSA Vice-President: Sarah Noack (UCP Connections)

In August 2019, the Oregon Support Services Association elected Sarah Noack as our Vice President. Sarah has been a part of important moments in Brokerage history from our inception, and she has always been ready for more–more responsibility, more progress, more challenge, more growth. She visualizes her goals with a clear and steady eye; the entirety of the Brokerage community has benefited from her vision. Sarah brings her thoughtful, considerate leadership to OSSA’s Vice President position.

“I started as admin support when Mentor Oregon opened their Portland brokerage in 2001. From there, I have filled a lot of different roles at a few different brokerages (Mentor, Inclusion, and now UCP Connections.) I have provided admin support, worked with providers, developed resources, was a Personal Agent, and got into operations when I was at Inclusion. I have done it all! I was hired as UCP Connections’ Brokerage Director when it opened in December 2010 and here I am.”


OSSA Treasurer/Secretary: Laura Noppenberger (Eastern Oregon Support Services Brokerage)

In 2017, the Oregon Support Services Association elected Laura Noppenberger as our Treasurer. Laura has spent the last five years breaking new ground, including helping the association take on our first-ever employee. Laura is a problem-solver who doesn’t shy away from hard work or a difficult conversation. You can always count on her to roll up her sleeves and help out with whatever work needs to be accomplished. She speaks the truth unflinchingly, a trait that will always be valued here.

“I was first hired by Full Access in Feb. 2002 as one of the original Personal Agents. Since that time I’ve has the opportunity to work in multiple capacities. I’ve worked both on the Brokerage side and the CDDP side. I was hired by Eastern Oregon Support Services Brokerage in June 2014 as the Associate Director and became the Executive Director July 1st, 2017.”