House Bill 3618

OSSA Response to Personal Support Worker Agreement 06.25.2012

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Under the headline Historic Tentative Agreement Reached for Care Providers, Service Employees International Union (SEIU) Local 503 has described the negotiated agreement for Personal Support Workers who are employed by customers of brokerages. View SEIU’s document here Although the actual Collective Bargaining Agreement has not been published yet, some of the thirteen points made by SEIU in its document will need to be closely monitored to ensure the philosophy and practices that Oregonians with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families fought so hard for in the Staley Agreement are maintained with the highest integrity. Most notably, the...

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OREGONIAN REPORT: Senator Richard Devlin Accused of Trying to Silence Criticism of Union Drive

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From  The Oregonian’s Jeff Mapes: SALEM — At the behest of Service Employees International Union, Oregon Senate budget chief Richard Devlin  sought to stifle criticism of an organizing drive that added more than 7,700 workers to the union’s membership and turned it into the largest in the state. During a drive to organize workers who help care for developmentally disabled Oregonians, Tualatin Democrat wrote a letter to officials who help employ the workers, warning them not to say anything even “mildly” critical of unionization. He also suggested that a successful union drive would help boost legislative support for services for Oregonians with developmental...

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SEIU Gets Personal Support Workers Vote – Includes Domestic Employees and Independent Contractors

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Last week, the vote for SEIU’s unionization of Personal Support Workers was held. Final tally per the Employment Relations Board is 1,873 to 772. This means that Personal Support Workers are now set to be represented by SEIU and arbitration is expected to begin shortly. A Personal Support Worker is defined in House Bill 3618. The majority of domestic employees and independent contractors working with brokerage customers will be affected. Of a potential voting population of 9,000, just 30% voted. The union won the majority of votes cast. Those affected include the majority of domestic employees and independent contractors performing services listed in House Bill 3618....

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