Leadership Changes at OSSA: Sarah Noack

Posted by on Oct 30, 2019

Our organization is welcoming new leadership for the first time in nearly five years. We’ll be posting a series of articles over the next couple of weeks to introduce our new officers. We invite you to follow along and get to know us a little bit better.

Calling Sarah Noack “new” does not seem right. Truly, all of our new faces in leadership have been a part of important moments in Brokerage history from our inception. Sarah has always been ready for more–more responsibility, more progress, more challenge, more growth. She visualizes her goals with a clear and steady eye; the entirety of the Brokerage community has benefited from her vision. Sarah brings her thoughtful, considerate leadership to OSSA’s Vice President position.

From 2010 to present, the Vice President role has been filled by Dan Peccia of Self Determination Resources, Inc., who has served as an unfailingly truthful and committed advocate for the people who use Brokerage services. At this time of transition, we appreciate Dan’s contributions, and look forward to our next steps with Sarah. Learn more about her with the following Q+A.

Tell us a little bit about your professional experience with Brokerages.

I started as admin support when Mentor Oregon opened their Portland brokerage in 2001. From there, I have filled a lot of different roles at a few different brokerages (Mentor, Inclusion, and now UCP Connections.) I have provided admin support, worked with providers, developed resources, was a Personal Agent, and got into operations when I was at Inclusion. I have done it all! I was hired as UCP Connections’ Brokerage Director when it opened in December 2010 and here I am.

Didn’t we tell you that Sarah Noack has vision?

What is one thing you’ve accomplished professionally that you’re proud of?

I am incredibly proud of this brokerage – UCP Connections. I have been fortunate to work alongside advisory board members, customers, community partners, and the team to create Connections. Through a lot of listening to customers, families, community partners, and the team, I think we have a culture of collaboration, transparency, partnership, creativity, accountability, resiliency, and growth. It’s like making art!

Give us one hope you have for Brokerage services in Oregon.

I hope that Brokerage services evolve alongside the vision that people have for themselves and their services. I hope we don’t become so caught up in regulations that we lose the heart of things. I hope Brokerages can be a part of the futures that the people we support envision because people value and trust us. I think this is possible when we stand up when it counts and walk alongside people on their path.

Which is your favorite holiday, and why?

I love the winter holidays – Hanukkah, Christmas, and Winter Solstice are all celebrated in my home. I love the lights, the traditions, the singing, the cooking, and all of the activity focused on peace, community, and togetherness.