11/26/2013 Update on Provider Payment Changes and Provider Enrollment into the State’s System

Posted by on Nov 27, 2013

Dear Providers,

There continues to be a lack of timelines and details regarding the State’s move to take over payment to providers of brokerage services.

Representatives from the Office of Developmental Disabilities Services promise there’s continued work on a solid plan, but as of right now they have produced no clear plans or feasible timelines. What we understand is this:

  • Due to the lack of a transition process presently, payment will not be coming through the State effective January 1st, 2014  
  • Brokerages will continue to provide your payment until an appropriate plan is developed and agreed upon.

Given the amount of work left to do during implementation, our best guess is a transition several months into the new year at this point.

If you haven’t sent in your Provider Enrollment Agreement, do so now. This is an essential action on your part, regardless of changing timelines.  You also need to be sure your criminal records check has been completed within the past two years.

If you have turned in your PEAA and have received no response back from the State, contact them directly at DD-MH.OHCC@state.or.us. Please email the State for assistance on this matter.

Provider organizations who need a provider number should be hearing from the State shortly. We are aware of a transmittal being developed and have heard it should be out within the next week or so.

Unfortunately, the State has not provided a phone number to field your questions. If that changes, we will update you and share the resource. We will continue to update you as we have more clear information.

Thank you for your continued patience during this process. Rest assured that your payment will continue to come through us in the interim while these bureaucratic and procedural tangles are dealt with.

– The OSSA Communications Team
Larry Deal, Katie Rose and Margaret Theisen