OSSA Response to Personal Support Worker Agreement 06.25.2012

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Under the headline Historic Tentative Agreement Reached for Care Providers, Service Employees International Union (SEIU) Local 503 has described the negotiated agreement for Personal Support Workers who are employed by customers of brokerages. View SEIU’s document here Although the actual Collective Bargaining Agreement has not been published yet, some of the thirteen points made by SEIU in its document will need to be closely monitored to ensure the philosophy and practices that Oregonians with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families fought so hard for in the Staley Agreement are maintained with the highest integrity. Most notably, the...

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OSSA Position Statement for Brokerage Services 2011/2013 Budget

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In current budget proposals, Support Services Brokerages for Adults includes an additional set of cuts to what has already occurred multiple times since October, 2010.  This program has had specific cuts distinct from all Developmental Disability services.  Given the array of cuts to all programs we do not support any additional cuts to Developmental Disability Services. Specific to Support Services Brokerages the following cuts have already occurred: • Quality Assurance funding eliminated.  Overall impact, nearly 6% reduction to operations, October 1, 2010. • 2% reduction Targeted Case Management as of August 1, 2011 • 6% reduction to administration: as of August 1,...

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OSSA Position on Budget Cuts

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The Oregon Support Services Association (OSSA) opposes all cuts to DD services and supports all bills that preserve DD services. Position Statement: If additional funds are available to “buy back” services eliminated in the Governors’ proposed budget, the OSSA advocates that additional funds be spread among all DD services.  If funds are returned to the Support Services system, we advocate the following priorities within that system as follows: Restore the 10% reduction to Personal Agent Services Restore services to non waivered individuals Restore services to 18-21 year olds Restore Administrative reductions Restore Quality Assurance...

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