Budget Cuts

The Time for Advocacy is Now!

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Distressing news out of the capitol: lawmakers may be looking to cut $140 million from human services in order to fund a budget “hole.”  The question is, what does a $140 million cut to human services look like?  Though plan hours are not likely to be cut, vulnerable areas include provider pay rates and Brokerage funding for Personal Agents.  Brokerage Personal Agents and direct support providers have worked to implement dozens of system changes over the past two years.  With these changes has come a lot of additional workload and responsibilities, which is already cutting into the bottom line: time spent with Brokerage customers.  Any reduction in funding is going to...

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Brokerages Send Nearly 900 Messages to Salem Legislators in One Week

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Last week, as part of the DD Coalition’s Week of DD Advocacy, support services brokerages statewide made a major advocacy push. Brokerage staff, customers, family members, direct care workers and community members worked hard to schedule visits, make phone calls, send letters, write emails and post video postcards telling their legislators they oppose cuts to essential brokerage services. Final tally for these efforts reached nearly 900 messages (and many more if you count hits to posted videos and an online petition!) Brokerages currently serve over 7,000 individuals with developmental disabilities statewide and are poised to take deep cuts in the coming weeks. ...

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OSSA Position Statement for Brokerage Services 2011/2013 Budget

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In current budget proposals, Support Services Brokerages for Adults includes an additional set of cuts to what has already occurred multiple times since October, 2010.  This program has had specific cuts distinct from all Developmental Disability services.  Given the array of cuts to all programs we do not support any additional cuts to Developmental Disability Services. Specific to Support Services Brokerages the following cuts have already occurred: • Quality Assurance funding eliminated.  Overall impact, nearly 6% reduction to operations, October 1, 2010. • 2% reduction Targeted Case Management as of August 1, 2011 • 6% reduction to administration: as of August 1,...

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Deadline TOMMOROW for Feedback on Budget Cut List – Brokerage Cuts Indicated

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Message from Erinn Kelley-Siel, DHS Director As a result of the ongoing economic weakness facing the state, and the potential for additional projected revenue declines in future forecasts, Oregon’s Legislative Fiscal Office (LFO) requested the submission of reduction options from all state agencies. LFO requested agencies to develop a total of 10.5% in reduction options, based on 2011-13 legislatively adopted budget level, including the 3.5% supplemental ending balance adjustment amount.  This list is due to LFO by November 14, 2011. To reach that target, the total level of reduction for the Department of Human Services is $210-220 million general fund. REQUEST FOR...

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Approximately 800 People Set to Lose Brokerage Services OCT 1

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As a result of budget cuts during the 2011/2013 session, the State of Oregon Department of Human Services has instructed support services brokerages statewide to exit customers without Medicaid from brokerage services on October 1st. Statewide, it is estimated that 800 people will lose services. If you aren’t on Medicaid and you need help applying, call your Personal Agent at your brokerage as soon as possible. How does eliminating services for people without Medicaid/OHP save the state money? The state currently provides services for customers who are not Medicaid eligible solely from the state general fund budget.  When a customer in services becomes eligible for...

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OSSA Position on Budget Cuts

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The Oregon Support Services Association (OSSA) opposes all cuts to DD services and supports all bills that preserve DD services. Position Statement: If additional funds are available to “buy back” services eliminated in the Governors’ proposed budget, the OSSA advocates that additional funds be spread among all DD services.  If funds are returned to the Support Services system, we advocate the following priorities within that system as follows: Restore the 10% reduction to Personal Agent Services Restore services to non waivered individuals Restore services to 18-21 year olds Restore Administrative reductions Restore Quality Assurance...

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